Boys Next Door: Ominbus by Lissa Kasey (ePUB)

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Boys Next Door: Ominbus by Lissa Kasey – Free eBooks Download


On the Right Track
A scandal tore apart the boy band, Vocal Growth, leaving Ru in disgrace. Hiding out in a midwestern suburb, he comes face-to-face with a high school student he hopes can look beyond his past. Can a former pop star find romance with the boy next door?


Unicorns and Rainbow Sprinkles
Dane joined a boy band to escape a rough childhood, only to have it all fall apart when the band broke up. When he lapses into the depths of his eating disorder, fellow bandmate, Tommy, sends a friend to help, filling Dane’s life with glitter, sprinkles, and unicorn magic. Will Dane’s unwanted guest become his savior?


Tommy’s Song
The band fell apart and everyone turned to Tommy, but when he caves to the pressures of celebrity life, who will save him? Lost in the depths of alcoholism and drug addiction, Tommy finds his friends hurt and distant, his family at war amongst themselves, and himself locked away in a rehab facility. His biggest supporter is a girl he barely remembers, who hides a few secrets of her own. Can Tommy work through his past to find a future?


Double Exposure
Tory spends his life snapping pictures, hiding behind the lens, and trying to see the world like everyone else. Autistic and with a strong dislike for being touched, he is surprised when a boy he admires kisses him. Confused by the feelings, Tory is launched into the chance to step out from behind the camera, explore who he is, and find love and acceptance.

Note: Stories feature teens in love with boy band stars or other teen celebrities and real life issues. Sweet romance, teen romance, LGBTQIA+ on the spectrum for teen readers. Novels are re-edited and expanded, previously published under the pen name Sam Kadence. See the look inside for possible content triggers.

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