Boyfriend Wanted, Must Love Dancing by Angie Pepper (ePUB)

boyfriend wanted, angie pepper

Boyfriend Wanted, Must Love Dancing by Angie Pepper – Free eBooks Download


Skyler Tegan is a children’s dance instructor with a chip on her shoulder and a scandalous past. She despises rich people.
Charlie Ward is one of those rich people Skyler hates. She doesn’t know that yet. Charlie has been disguising himself as a groundskeeper to go undercover and expose her secrets.
While these two are busy deceiving each other and playing games, they don’t notice they’re falling madly in love.
Meanwhile, an old enemy is lurking behind the scenes, waiting for the perfect opportunity to strike and ruin everything for both Skyler and Charlie.
Can these two come clean about who they are? Even if they can, how will they survive the final shocking reveal at the dance recital?
Sparks fly when opposites attract! There are plenty of LOLs and swoon-worthy moments in this humorous tale of two people going from hate to love.
NOTE: This is a new full-length novel based on a story originally published in 2013 under the author’s pen name Mimi Strong, as Two to Tango. This is not just a second edition, but a new work incorporating new material and characters with elements from the author’s previous work.

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