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boy on horizon, david michael

Boy on the Horizon (All American Boy) by David Michael – Free eBooks Download


It’s the summer before his final year in college and Jacob Franklin Wolcott III is spending his time in Stoney Brook, Maine, a picturesque lobster town on the coast whose biggest claim to fame is the annual Tallship Festival.
The son of an oil magnate and top of his class, he doesn’t need to work—especially not as a bartender and dock hand—but he does need the few months away from all of the expectation and pressure, an escape that Stoney Brook grants him every year.
That escape gets complicated when William Waters sails over the horizon and swaggers his way into town for the Tallship Festival.
A travel blogger sailing the world on an inherited schooner, this tall, tanned, and handsome hunk is about to rock Jacob’s boat and knock his carefully charted plans off course.
Is this Boy on the Horizon Jacob’s anchor in a safe harbor, or is he bound to be the storm he can’t weather?

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