Bounty Claimed by Lindsey Devin (ePUB)

bounty claimed, lindsey devin

Bounty Claimed (Solstice Huntress #2) by Lindsey Devin – Free eBooks Download


To bring a serial killer to justice, I’ll have to risk everything
A fae serial killer is on the loose targeting humans and I’ve been brought in to track him down. Except there’s a catch—I have to work alongside Corbin Frost again.

Corbin is hot as hell and acts as if he owns me because he’s the only one who knows about my unusual fae powers. The reason he hasn’t turned me in is because I’ve got dirt on him, too. Dirt about his hidden demon side, which I think might secretly like me.

It doesn’t matter that I might feel the same. If we want to survive this case, we’ll have to keep our wits about us. This serial killer leaves his victims unrecognizable. He’s bad news, and I’ll do whatever it takes to bring the sadist to justice.

Even if it means going to the one place I shouldn’t—the land of the Fae. To remain unnoticed, I’ll need to rely on protective magic and put my trust in Corbin, although it could get me killed…

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