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bound together, cynthia dane

Bound Together by Cynthia Dane, Hildred Billings – Free eBooks Download


For the first time ever, both Natalie and Erica’s stories are told – at once.

In 2017, BOUND brought the scandalous story of Natalie Chen, a young intern who scores the gig of a lifetime. After becoming the personal intern to the Eric Mann, the CEO and head-honcho of Mann-Garrett Enterprises, Natalie thinks life can’t get any better. She’s not only proven herself more than adequate enough for such an honor…

Now, she and her boss are falling for one another. All that’s left is for Natalie to discover the shocking secret Eric has spent his whole life hiding.

Later, in 2018, BOUND: Reflection brought Erica’s side of the story. Born to take her brother’s place, Erica constantly lives in fear that her life will be ruined if people find out that she’s not only a woman, but gay. While it’s easy enough to pretend to be a heterosexual man, things get complicated every time she falls in love. After all, it’s the fake persona her lovers fall in love with.

Now, in 2020, BOUND: Together stitches together both points of view and brings a bombastic tale of secrets, deceit, and carnal passion. With a never-before read epilogue, this limited-edition book tackles the greatest question to ever confront Natalie and Erica.

Can a relationship really survive if the love is made on a bed of lies?

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