Bound By the Shadow Demon by Brenna Harlow (ePUB)

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Bound by the Shadow Demon (Sinner Lords #2) by Brenna Harlow – Free eBooks Download


It was only meant to be a stupid, silly game…

When my roommate, Shelby, unveils a Ouija board during our small Halloween gathering, I’m all for it. Excited even, considering I’ve watched a million found footage horror films featuring the paranormal toy.
I expected nothing to happen. I certainly didn’t expect for the planchette to move on its own, our lights to surge, or for my crush, Hutson Williams, to experience a supernatural force. Between the electrical anomalies, I see his face contorted in agony, his eyes as black as night.
But a few days later, everything is fine. Better than fine, actually, because Hutson is showing an interest in me. He showers me with attention, his focus borderline obsessive, but I revelin it. I mean, I’ve waited two years for him to notice me.
Yeah, he’s changed a little since our wild night with the Ouija board, but the changes have brought us closer. We’re together, and I’m over the fucking moon.
There’s just one problem… I’m keeping a secret. Since the night of our ghostly encounter, two shadowy apparitions have been haunting me. Their attacks are growing stronger; physical enough to leave scratches on my body.
And when my new lover finds out? I realize I’ve been wrong about him the entire time.
Demons are real, and I’m on their turf now.

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