Bound By Passion by Kelsey Dawson (ePUB)

bound passion, kelsey dawson

Bound by Passion (Born in Crime #3) by Kelsey Dawson – Free eBooks Download


A second chance they never expected…

Bella – The day Logan became a part of the Colombo family was the day that I lost him. Before I could ever tell him what I truly felt, he found himself living on the wrong side of the law, and how could a daughter of a renowned judge be connected to the mafia – it was impossible. Just as he started to fade away from my memory, he stepped out from the shadows, and here I am, back where we started. But this time, it’s different – this time, I’m going to convince him that no matter how different we are, no matter what worlds we come from, our love is real.

Logan – Bella Morgan was never an addiction for me, but I couldn’t forget her. Even though I left her and my life behind, the part of her always stayed with me. I used to tell myself that was for the best, that I was keeping her safe by keeping her at a distance. But the flame of passion never dwindled, not even for a tiny bit. Everything is at stake now, Bella, me, our future, and my family’s honor. A brutal, bloody war is on the horizon, but I will stop it – even if I have to fight my way out.

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