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Bound By Danger (Born in Crime #2) by Kelsey Dawson – Free eBooks Download


What happens when gasoline meets a spark?

Sara – I’m done with guys for good, even though my uncle and my mom can’t wait to marry me off to some charming mafia connection who they think is good for me. He’s supposed to be the prince to my mafia princess. But Dario Colombo? Notorious playboy. Bad boy. The guy never takes a single thing seriously. I’ve kissed enough frogs to know he’s no mafia prince. But this would all be a lot easier if he wasn’t so damned good-looking.

Dario – Settling down with one woman, a white picket fence, two-point-two kids, and a dog was never my version of happily ever after. But everything changed when my brother John married Gastone Gambino’s daughter to ensure peace between our families. That’s when Sara Codutti, a fierce and fiery mafia princess, enchanted my soul and my heart. I will make her mine at all costs. This time, I have to get it right, which would be easier if everything else wasn’t going to so wrong.

Will the feisty mafia princess succumb to Dario’s advances, or will she stay true to her ideals? What will they do when sinister forces launch an attack on their lives? Will they manage to survive, or will their fierce flames be snuffed out?

Brace yourself for a sensual and provocative mafia romance story that will take you on a sexy, intense, and unforgettable journey filled with suspense, passion, and many unexpected twists between two true enemies who just might be destined to be lovers.

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