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Bought the Cow (Peach Grove #2) by Phoebe Buck – Free eBooks Download


My father had one rule on our farm: we don’t do business with Baskos.
That’s why it stings so bad when Jesse Basko, my forbidden high school crush bids on my favorite cow at the auction. Coco being sold to him is worse than being dead, or so my daddy taught me.
But dad’s dead and Jesse is nothing like the cruel and cunning neighbors I was warned about growing up. He even takes pity on me when he sees me crying over Coco and offers me a job working on his farm. In his barn, I can keep an eye on my cow and get away from my cramped downtown apartment and back into the fresh country air.
Working alongside the thickly muscled hunk of a man that Jesse has grown into isn’t bad either.
I want to hate him. I’m supposed to hate him, but his charming smile and generous nature is drawing me in.
Could he really be the man of my dreams or is it all a load of manure?

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