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Bossy Billionaire by Angela Blake – Free eBooks Download


Gary was young, exciting, hot. The new Vice President of the company.
Oh, and he was a billionaire.
And he liked to push her around. To Dominate her.
And she liked it.

At twenty-seven years old Alexa had already achieved everything she could desire. She had a great job working as a secretary for the Vice President of the biggest insurance company in the country and she already owned a decent home and car. With long legs, blonde hair and blue eyes she could quit any day and work as a model or just hook guys in and make them support her for the rest of her life.

The problem was that she was getting bored. She wanted something more.
The company was getting a new Vice President soon and she was still going to serve as secretary. She was expecting nothing but another pile of work.
But what she got was Gary.

He was lean and tall, roughly six feet and three inches with a nice tan that went with the autumn-brown color of his hair. He had a neatly trimmed beard and thin, sharp lips and a New York accent.
He took an immediate liking to Alexa. He offered to introduce her to a bright new world. Show her things. Make her feels things. Mainly pleasure.
Alexa was willing to lie down and take instructions from her new boss. In fact, she started to think she’d take anything he would offer her…

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