Boss’s Fake Fiancé by Emma Blake (ePUB)

boss's fake fiance, emma blake

Boss’s Fake Fiancé by Emma Blake – Free eBooks Download


Agree to play fake fiance for a work retreat? Sure. With your new boss who also happens to be your ex from high school? Why not. I took a wrong turn on my first day of work into the men’s locker room and BAM. There he is. Jenson Sharpe may be half-naked, damp, and delicious, but that doesn’t give him the right to be rude. Even if he is the CEO of the company I just started working for. The instant, familiar chemistry is there. He asks me to fake an engagement to impress the owner of the company. And he’s going to pay me to do it. I ignore everything in me screaming NO, and end up screaming YES on a company retreat. As the pretend kisses become all too real, our old flame flickers back to life. Now I’m caught between the past and the present. Fake and real. This was meant to be just an act. A stepping stone. I tell myself he’s changed into a cold, hard CEO focused on profits. That will make it easy to walk away when this is over. Right?

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