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Boss Daddy (Naughty Daddies) by Jayda Marx – Free eBooks Download


Vincenzo (Vinny) – I always get what I want. I’ve run the streets all my life, starting with nickel and dime operations before working my way up to leading the most successful crime syndicate (it sounds classier than ‘mob’) in the city. I’m in charge. I make the rules, and I never ask permission. I’m used to dealing with bastards as greedy and impatient as I am, so I’m thrown for a loop when a pure, kind-hearted, beautiful young man comes to me for help; he’s acquired many debts and is in need of a loan. I’m drawn to his sapphire eyes and nervous demeanor, and once I hear his story, I insist on helping him. Though it’s unlike me, I even offer him two options for repayment; he can work for me, or he can belong to me. I’d require his total submission, and in return, I could give him anything his heart desires. All he has to do is ask Daddy with those pretty lips of his, and I’ll be putty in his hands.

Lucas – Life has been one struggle after another. In the past few weeks, I’ve lost everyone I loved and everything I owned, and have gotten tied up with a dangerous gang in the process. With my life on the line and no options left, a chance meeting leads me to a man named Vincenzo. I worry about involving myself with yet another malevolent group until I meet Vincenzo and see that the gorgeous older man is different. He listens to me and helps me, and looks at me like no one else has; with desire in his eyes. He makes those desires clear when he gives me the option of becoming his boy, and a deadline for my answer. Events in my life have always pushed sex and dating to the back burner, and I have no experience with men. I worry that I’m not good enough for Vincenzo, but I can’t pass up the chance for pleasure and guidance from an experienced hand. I choose Daddy, and begin a life of luxury, passion and danger.

****This series features Daddy kink (no age play) between naughty Daddies who find themselves (or live!) on the wrong side of the law, and their sweet, virginal boys who come to the rescue. These books may be a little grittier than most of my titles, but they’re still low angst, insta-love, full of sweetness, and follow relationships on the fast track. They’re also packed with scenes so hot, they’ll make you sit up and say, “Yes, Daddy!” They are each a standalone story and can be read in any order.

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