Bonded to the Cyborg Bodyguard by Corin Cain (ePUB)

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Bonded to the Cyborg Bodyguard (Cyborg Mates #2) by Corin Cain – Free eBooks Download


700lbs of protective, possessive Cyborg with one need. Keep me safe – whether I like it or not.
You don’t make your way to the top of the biggest law firm in the universe by being weak

Alana: I never let my guard down. Every movement is calculated. You have to be on all the time if you want to make it to the top. I go to trillion-dollar meetings with two nine-foot-tall Sentinels at my back. Only, there’s been a hack. The boss assigns me a new bodyguard. One that’s less machine and more… man.

I’ve got rules. Don’t trust anyone. Do anything it takes to get to the top. Especially don’t trust men. Fragile masculinity is challenged by a powerful woman. It turns sickly. I know what the men I beat in the boardroom call me behind my backs, and I ignore it. It just shows their insecurities. This… this isn’t any man. He’s a 6’8, 700-pound Alien-Cyborg, and he’s got one goal – keep me safe. I’m not thrilled. He’s a little too protective. A little too possessive. With two huge robots at my back, I look strong. With this man? I’m worried I’ll look weak. I look so small next to him. My carefully crafted reputation could be torn down in a second. That’s not the only thing that worries me… When I’m around him? He makes me want to let down my guard. He makes me want to let go, just for a moment. To feel small, and safe, and protected. He just better be good at following orders… Or we’re going to have a big problem.

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