Bonded to the Alien Gladiators by Corin Cain (ePUB)

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Bonded to the Alien Gladiators (Aurelian Empire) by Corin Cain – Free eBooks Download


Possessive. Dominant. Controlling. A triad of brutal Aurelians who forsook their oaths to conquer and claim.
And if the alien warrior triad is brutal enough to survive… I’m the prize.

Sara: Three years. Three years of captivity on this smog-covered planet, the pollution drowning the sun out. The pit-lord Toad displays us like ornaments, keeping us half-starved and weak.
I can accept hopelessness for myself. For my little sister, I fight.
Three huge, hulking alien beasts built for war stride into the fighting pits. Over seven-foot-tall, with skin carved like marble, they gleam in the murky light. If their hunger was unleashed on me… I’d be broken.
They are Aurelians, exuding dominance and cruel nobility.
When they stalk into the arena, I get the first surge of hope in three years. Aurelians are honorable, noble protectors, who take care of all those who accept their protection.
Then I see the half-filled tattoo on their chest.
Fanatics. Alien warriors who went mad with the thought of claiming their Fated Mate, and forsook their oaths to protect the innocent. These three follow the Old Ways.
They don’t just want to Bond their Fated Mate.
They want to own her body and soul.
And if they survive the battle…
I’ll be thrown to the three ravenous beasts.

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