Bodyguard Wolf’s Baby by Amelia Wilson (ePUB)

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Bodyguard Wolf’s Baby (Paranormal True Mate Dating Agency #1) by Amelia Wilson – Free eBooks Download


She got over him… until she realized she was pregnant.
He never thought he’d see her again.
But now, their son is kidnapped… and she needs his help.
Wes is trying to live a life of pleasure, with drinking, orgies, and wild car chases galore. But when he’s abandoned by his pack, he realizes he needs a mate, or he’ll be at risk of being hunted.
He signs up for the Paranormal True Mate Dating Agency, hoping for a human woman who won’t mind him roaming the country looking for fun.
Cassidy runs her wolf rescue alone, until one day she brings home a wounded wolf and gets more than she bargained for. He’s a wolf shifter, and he’s the sexiest man she’s ever met.
Then he disappears, leaving Cassidy pregnant and alone… She manages fine, until outside forces threaten her young pup.
She needs help, and the only place she can turn is to other werewolves. So, she signs up for the Paranormal True Mate Dating Agency, hoping for two wolf shifters who can help her save her baby.
What she gets is a charming, sexy, good-hearted man… and the asshole who abandoned her.
Both men desperately want her. Both are willing to do anything to win her and save her son.
How can Cassidy choose between them? Will she choose in time for them to get over their differences and save her son?
Or will she learn to enjoy both men, and they learn to enjoy each other?
Buy Bodyguard Wolf’s Baby today to find out: in the darkest days of a woman’s life, can she open her heart and make the right choices, for her family and for herself?

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