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My name is Franklin Snow. Or so I say. I’m on the run from a past as dark as my soul and secrets that could get me shot in the head. I’m a loner. A drifter. My only purpose in life is not to get caught.Until Rosie Smith walks in through that goddamn door with her wild hair and fiery eyes, begging for my help.She needs a hero. Someone to save her from the man who wants her head on a spike.I should keep running. But I don’t stand a chance against her sweet smile and smooth skin. I’ll do whatever it takes to keep her safe, even if it means sacrificing it all.

Franklin Snow should be the last man I trust. His muscles ripple with every move he makes, and his swirling tattoos speak of a dark past he refuses to share. Especially with me.So, when his answer is to hide me away in a cabin in the woods, alone with him for a week, a part of me thinks I should run as fast as I can. But another part wants nothing more than to spend the week wrapped tight in his arms.He’s done nothing but keep me safe. He’s even risked his own neck for me.But he’s hiding something. Something terrible. Have I fallen for a man more dangerous than I ever could have imagined?

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