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blurred, kristin macqueen

Blurred (The Boys of Mulberry Lane #6) by Kristin MacQueen – Free eBooks Download


She’s been the center of my world since the moment we met… but as friends because that’s all we are. Best friends. Co-workers. The most important person in each other’s lives. From day one I knew I could never walk away from her, I could never survive life without her. But when she shows up on my front porch with tears in her eyes, everything changes. I’m tired of being the friend, I want more.
I spend practically every second of my life with Cole. Not because I have secret feelings for him, but because he’s my best friend… who I work for… and now live with. Our friends constantly say we’re more of a couple than most couples, but they’re crazy! Right? Maybe I want more, but what if he doesn’t? I’m terrified I’ll lose everything if I take a chance and it doesn’t work.

***Please note, this book was previously published as Surprising Sammie. Over 15,000 words have been added, new scenes have been added, and this book has been completely re-written, but the core story is still the same.***

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