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bluff, ashley jade

Bluff (Complicated Parts #2) by Ashley Jade – Free eBooks Download


She needed to be loved…
He needed to be saved.

When an opportunity comes knocking, you shouldn’t question it.
Unless it comes in the form of a 5’2″, feisty, loudmouth girl who just so happens to hate your guts.
The same girl you haven’t been able to get out of your head for three years.
But, I’m a gambler by nature. A risk taker.
So when Kit Bishop makes me an offer I’m in no position to refuse… I take it.
I just have to make sure I don’t end up giving her more than what we both bargained for.
Like the fucked-up thing beating in my chest.

There’s no one on earth I hate more than Preston Holden.
As if our past didn’t give me enough of a reason—he’s also a cocky, arrogant jerk with a gambling problem.
Unfortunately for me, he just so happens to be the only guy I can ask to help me with my issue.
It’s simple.
He needs the money. I need a husband.
It’s strictly business. A one-year stint between enemies.
No strings. No feelings—other than our mutual dislike for one another.
But the thing about hate? It can flip on a dime.
It can have you questioning things about yourself you never thought you would.
And if I’m not careful—things are going to get even more complicated between us.

You know the saying—’til death do us part?
Well, in our case? It includes all the complicated parts.

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