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blue summer, everly taylor

Blue Summer by Everly Taylor – Free eBooks Download


Misunderstood. Feared. Hunted.

They spoke of the blue-skinned Zayed in hushed whispers. That was if they dared to speak of them at all. Their fear was born of ignorance, though, because how could you fear someone that you knew nothing of?
My entire life, I had never even seen one of the rumored blue-skinned people, the only thing I knew for certain was they were very secretive. In my opinion, their reasons were their own, and that was fine with me.
Little did I know, my first encounter with the very people I had been raised to fear would not only open my eyes but change my life forever.
Betrayed by one of their own, and hunted for what they were, the Zayed did everything they could to protect those around them. Now that the sorcerer had what he wanted in is sights, there was nothing, or no one, he’d let stand in his way. Even if it meant killing those that had once been his friends.
With a life I had longed for, as well as the people I was growing to care for in danger, I had to figure out my role in all of this. I had to save not only myself, but possibly the entire Zayed community before it was too late.

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