Blow: Part One by November Sweets (ePUB)

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Blow: Part One by November Sweets – Free eBooks Download


Poor little rich girl.
Daddy’s Angel.
Spoiled Brat

I’ve been called all those things and more. Yet, not a single one of the people slinging those names at me ever took the time to look beyond the pretty makeup covered face and the money they hate I have.
If they did they might see that darker part of the glamorous life.
Family obligations. Expectations. Skeletons in the closet.
I left it all behind, the money, the nightmares, and all I’m left with are demons.
Alcohol, drugs, and parties are my only comfort these days. Barely living one moment to the next just trying to feel something.
Until them.
Jax, Archer, Otto, and Ian.
Four men that want to save me, little do they know I can’t be saved. Their offer is as tempting as their bodies but I’m too tainted.
Their attention brings my past back into my life, and enemies I thought I left behind right to my door.
Are the men I’ve come to care for strong enough to withstand the storm when the hell of my past threatens to tear me apart again?
Or will I finally drown in my ocean of misery?

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