Blooming for His Omega by Lorelei M. Hart (ePUB)

blooming for omega, lorelei m hart

Blooming for His Omega (Omegas of Oliver Creek #10) by Lorelei M. Hart – Free eBooks Download


I never dreamed of being a florist. That’s such a stereotype for omegas. Lots of alphas thought omegas could only do jobs that were not too physical, some even thinking we should quit and become stay-at-home dads the moment we mated and gave birth. My former alpha had been one of those and when my uncle died and left me this business in in the booming small town of Oliver Creek, he laughed and said it would be a nice little thing for me to do until he “put a hoglet in me.” That comment was the final straw that ended things between me and someone who thought I should be grateful he chose me. I un-chose him.
Now I live in Oliver Creek, running the business my uncle put his heart and soul into. And I don’t need anyone putting any hoglets in me. Alphas are highly overrated pushy people. Including the bear who runs the charcuterie place next door. If he thinks he can win me over with delicious salami and cheese, he’s wrong. I’ll be his friend, but no more than that. It’s me against the world…me and the hoglet I’ve just realized my ex managed to get started before I dumped him. He can never find out..

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