Blood Wolf by Kenzie Graves (ePUB)

blood wolf, kenzie graves

Blood Wolf (Love is Grimm #5) by Kenzie Graves – Free eBooks Download


A rejected hybrid wolf. An evil queen vampire. A war is brewing to take control of the sanction.
Vampires overrun the central Sanction. The wolves no longer control it, and vampires are making humans their slaves. Not to mention their dinner. The Mistress of the Clutch has an unusual taste for Shifters and has taken quite a few of them as her own personal snacks.
The Mistress took pity on the young wolf she managed to capture along with a small pack. Instead of sucking her dry, Lumi was spared…and Turned into a Vampire herself. As she grew older, Lumi became strikingly beautiful…and the Mistress grew jealous. Sentenced to death, Lumi escapes the Clutch and tries to live as a rogue. As a hybrid, she would never be welcomed inside of a pack. At least, she thought that would be the case.
Seven rogue males have formed their own pack and welcome Lumi without a second thought. They help her go through her first shift… and then they realize just how dangerous she is.

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