Blood of the Night Flower by Stacy Stover (ePUB)

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Blood of the Night Flower (The Hollowed War #1) by Stacy Stover – Free eBooks Download


“I found it, but he found me.”

Wrapped in the arms of a vampire is not how Sylvia Ott thought she would die. Drained and discarded, her only salvation was the rare Night Flower. The magical plant resurrects her from the edge of darkness, but the price may be more than she bargained for.
Altyr Wymer can’t believe the girl he killed still walks. But she’s not just alive, she’s in danger of becoming a Hollow, a ghoul stuck in-between life and death who hunts vampires and humans alike. His only choice? Take her home with him to ensure she chooses the correct path of undeath.
Forced into servitude, Sylvia learns to live with her mortal enemy. What begins as animosity turns into something more, and eternity doesn’t seem as daunting by his side. But the clock is ticking – they only have one moon cycle to choose her path before she succumbs to her ghoulish ways.

The moon is rising, but the shadows it cast are ever-growing. Dangers lurk just outside the gates, threatening to stop her from welcoming the darkness as a vampire herself.

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