Blood Of My Enemy by Ariel Dawn (ePUB)

blood enemy, ariel dawn

Blood Of My Enemy (The Hunter Games #1) by Ariel Dawn – Free eBooks Download


When the moon rises, the creatures of the night come out to play…

The hunt is all Malcolm Crowley—scratch that, Malcolm Reynolds—knows. Ever since Mal was thrust into a world of blood, enemies, and death, he’s thought of nothing except revenge against the vampires who killed his parents and marked his sister. When a routine vamp hunt leads Mal and his fellow band of hunters—affectionately known as The Goon Squad—to a small town in the Blue Ridge Mountains, he discovers vampires aren’t the only monsters he has to worry about.
Clementine Srirocco longs for freedom. Freedom to run, to choose her own mate, instead of being beholden to the heat that determines her destiny as an Omega. When Cleo’s heat is stirred by a chance meeting with a mortal—a dangerous hunter—both of their lives will be forever changed.
Can Mal and Cleo fight the bonds of fate?

Blood Of My Enemy is book one in The Hunter Games series, filled with hungry hunters, vicious vampires, wicked werewolves, and other supernatural creatures.

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