Blood Kiss by Christa Tomlinson (ePUB)

blood kiss, christa tomlinson

Blood Kiss (Sanguis Syndicate #1) by Christa Tomlinson – Free eBooks Download


No Price Is Too High To Pay When A Vampire Is Determined To Claim His Mate

Vampire Everett has zero interest in purchasing a human to meet his blood needs. As a crime lord in the Sanguis Syndicate, his nights are too busy to have time to care for a human in exchange for their blood. Until a gorgeous redhead steps onto the auction stage. Suddenly, Everett is willing to bid any amount to win the charming young man for himself.
Solan entered the blood donor auctions as a lark. But things quickly turn serious when he meets the glowing blue gaze of his tall, stern vampire patron. Solan fights his attraction to Everett, determined to complete his contract without any physical or emotional entanglements. However, the sensual intimacy of sharing his blood with Everett, of feeling his fangs pierce his neck, might derail all of Solan’s plans to resist him.
Bound together by a contract, passion slowly begins to burn between the vampire and his pet. But will that passion be enough to keep them together once their contract comes to an end?

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