Blood Justice by Morgan Kelley (ePUB)

blood justice, morgan kelley

Blood Justice (Croft Family Mob #12) by Morgan Kelley – Free eBooks Download


They know Boston like the back of their hands, and something is very wrong. There’s something going on behind the scenes, and Greyson Croft doesn’t like what he’s feeling.
Now that Emma is handling the Irish mob, and the minor bad guys answer to them, everything should be going smoothly.
But it’s not.
There’s betrayal brewing, and the Croft family knows that if they don’t get ahead of it, they’ll end up buried under it.
For them, the most ridiculous scenario has happened.
The Russians have turned on them, and when they find out why, the situation is even more dire than they believed. It has ties to New Orleans, and Greyson knows that if NOLA and Boston are to remain intact, they’re going to have to do something drastic.
Like get ready for war.
It’s coming, and they’ll have to start the fight here, but in the end, they know the truth. The battleground will be down South in the City of Second Chances.
Greyson has no choice.
It’s time to risk his family. Blood Justice is coming.
If they don’t stop The Black Butcher’s son, everything they’d fought so hard for is done.
And to him….
That is unacceptable.

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