Blood Feast by Vela Roth (ePUB)

blood feast, vela roth

Blood Feast (Blood Grace #8) by Vela Roth – Free eBooks Download


Her Grace is in danger – and her fangs are ready for battle.

Cassia has risen from the ashes of her human life as a Hesperine with magic the world has never seen. The Gift of immortality from Lio seals their fated Grace bond and frees her from the ancient necromancer known as the Collector. But she won’t leave everyone they love, Hesperines and humans alike, as pawns in his schemes.
Lio fears their hard-won alliances only played into the necromancer’s plots. With their warrior brothers Mak and Lyros, Lio and Cassia embark on a quest to uncover the conspiracy he’s been brewing for centuries. Lio must duel the mage for his secrets on the most dangerous battlefield of all – the minds of the assassins who serve him.
As the four Hesperines face off with the Collector’s deadliest playing pieces, he’s intent on punishing Lio for stealing Cassia from him. Can her new power protect her Grace from their enemy’s revenge?

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