Blood Dictate by Pearl Tate (ePUB)

blood dictate, pearl tate

Blood Dictate (Blood Rage #2) by Pearl Tate – Free eBooks Download


Can finding a fated mate on earth stop the rage keeping Sinth isolated in their dimension?

Aliens are real.
I never believed all those “woo-woo conspiracy theorists.” But it’s hard to argue with your own eyes.
With an infectious disease spreading across the planet, my military unit received updated inoculations before our deployment. That’s when the veil is lifted from my eyes.
Suddenly, I’m thrown into a conflict between warring aliens!
The problem is, I’m going to have to pick a side. After three years in the service, am I ready to dig into the facts and discover where our government’s alliance falls?

When Purlogh told me he needed help, I didn’t hesitate to join him on Earth. To be honest, I didn’t have high hopes of being able to stop the Wen virus sweeping across the planet. But as soon as I arrive, we discover the Taxin are here, and they’ve developed a technology to halt and expose our dimension phasing. They’ve accomplished what no one has before.
Caging a Sinth.
While we race to save Purlogh’s progeny, we stumble across not only Sinth, but humans being held. And a miracle happens when I’m drawn to an Earth female—stunned with the realization she’s mine…
Or so I thought.
When she introduces me to an Earth male she cares for, my world shatters.
How can she already be mated? Could I be mistaken?
I’m left devastated… unsure of how to handle this unwelcome realization. But I’m still more than determined to discover if she’s my fated mate.

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