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blood curse, autumn gray

Blood Curse by Autumn Gray – Free eBooks Download


Demon Conjuring and Other Misdemeanors
Gwen Fortune can’t tell an eye of newt from a wart of frog. It’s what makes all her potions go boom or bust. Each one is more dangerous than the last.
Why she even attempted a love spell is beyond her. Desperation maybe. Okay, definitely.
But this time it actually worked. Standing in her dorm is Mathias, the sexiest demon she’s ever seen. And apparently the most dangerous. Turns out she just liberated hell’s most eligible rogue demon, and now he’s using her room to hide out from his would-be jailors.
In return, he’s willing to cast all her spells and be her literal red-hot lover, teaching her how to sin in the best possible way. Until he’s safely off hell’s most-wanted list.
But when it’s time to say goodbye to her Beelzebub booty call, can Gwen let everything go to hell, or will she risk it all to redeem a charming devil whose soul she wants to claim forever?

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