Blood and Wings by Eden Ashwood (ePUB)

blood wings, eden ashwood

Blood and Wings (Blood and Wings #1) by Eden Ashwood – Free eBooks Download


After defecting from my vampire clan and waging war against the blood smugglers of Los Angeles, falling in love with an Angel was the last thing I needed.
Everything was going as planned: My guerrilla army was assembled, and the Moreau Vampire Clan was being brought to justice.
Then I met her. A Seraphine Angel sent to destroy me for my past sins against humanity.
With a single glance, she awoke desires in me that I thought were long buried.
Now my only challenge is to convince her that I’ve changed.
Oh, and one more problem: the most dangerous vampire to walk this earth, besides me, has been hired by my former clan mates to drag me into their dark grips.
Only with her can I defeat this unrelenting foe and grapple with the nature of what it means to be an Angel and Vampire in love.
She is the light that illuminates the darkness of my past, and I am willing to risk it all to be with her.

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