Blood Ad Infinitum by Raven Belasco (ePUB)

blood ad infinitum, raven belasco

Blood Ad Infinitum (Blood & Ancient Scroll #3) by Raven Belasco – Free eBooks Download


“What is the difference between me and a monster?”
This librarian became a half-vampire and fought for her life against all odds. Now, she must face an enemy she never expected—but he’s not just unexpectedly powerful…he’s disturbingly attractive.
I hadn’t fully recovered from nearly dying while rescuing one of my beloveds—but they promised me a vacation! A vampire vacation, so I can only see the sights at night. But, being a librarian, sneaking into museums after hours isn’t exactly a hardship!
Meeting the am’r (vampires) of London was stressful enough, but then a powerful and mysterious stranger demanded that Bagamil, the oldest of the am’r—and my lover, which is still a surprise to me—come to treat with him in the far North.
And that’s when things got weird—even by my new standards. None of us expected this enemy. The upside? I finally get a chance to find out about my ageless lover, and hear the story of how the am’r began. The downside? I might not get a chance to write this story down, because our enemy wants vengeance on my beloveds, and as part of that, to turn me against them. If I won’t choose his side, he’s fine with killing me all-the-way dead.
The choice might seem easy to you, but he’s older and more powerful than anyone guessed. And even if he didn’t have overwhelming mesmerism, he’s so strikingly handsome that I can’t think straight around him. I’m in trouble in every way, now…

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