Blind Date with Ex’s Brother by Claire Angel (ePUB)

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Blind Date with Ex’s Brother (Grumpy Bosses and Daddies #4) by Claire Angel – Free eBooks Download


One Blind Date and everything changes.
What happens when two brothers love the same woman?
Who she is gonna choose, the most rebellious jerk or the most handsome billionaire?

Morgan Stonewood’s Ex, Seth kicked her from his life and his house when she informed him of her pregnancy.
Seth broke her heart, and despite the years since she last saw him, she hadn’t yet learned to trust. Or be willing to risk the same situation again.
She fled California five years earlier. Now in New York City, she’s raising her son, Caleb, and working to give him a good life.
Her best friend, Jen, sets her up on a blind date and she almost refused it but Jen is not going to listen. (She has no idea her life if about to change forever.)
When Morgan walks through the door, her eyes lands on that devilishly handsome man, which made her heart sink.
She has no idea who his blind date is going to be, but when she saw Kane she almost fell on the ground.
He is her Ex’s brother, Kane. (Kane recalls his crush on her when she belonged to his brother Seth.)
Kane tries to win her heart but Morgan wants nothing to do with him or his rebellious asshole brother.
Morgan made clear to Kane to stay away, but Kane still wants to see Morgan.
Everything turns upside down when Morgan is kidnapped.
Both the brothers, Kane and Seth, unite to find her.
Morgan can’t confide in either Kane or Seth, who are now set against each other in their quest to win Morgan’s heart.
Seth wants Morgan back and be a part of Caleb’s life and Kane who is Caleb’s uncle, craves to be his father.
Caught in the middle, Morgan seeks to protect her child, but she fails to protect to her own heart.
No matter how Morgan kept Kane at a distance, her heart aches to be with him and her body craves to be his arms.
How can she choose between them? Will she listen to her heart or choose her son’s Dad over the man she is in love with?

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