Blind Date Mistake by Hazel Lane (ePUB)

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Blind Date Mistake (Too Hot to Handle #5) by Hazel Lane – Free eBooks Download


Bosses. You either love them or hate them.
In my case you blind date them.
Blake is a billionaire lawyer with a smile that could melt ice caps.
But a personality that could refreeze them even faster.
He knows how to suck the joy out of everybody in the office.
Especially me.
And yet, my best friend continued to tell me that he is “not that bad.”
Not that bad?
The man was a complete monster.
Albeit a drop-dead gorgeous monster that made my panties melt.
So, imagine my face when he showed up at the restaurant…
as my blind date.
Heck, I could barely tolerate him at the office. Let alone during dinner.
But I sat through it, because he looked like an underwear model from all
the pictures I had on my man candy wall as a teenager.
I sat and I stared, like a kid sitting in front of the forbidden cookie jar,
at all that chiseled muscle I had been trying to not notice.
But it was those dreamy eyes behind that arrogant jerk, and a few too
many gin and tonics, that got me.
Let me tell you…
Blake felt as good as he looked.
He had my body and my heart in an instant.
And then, reality struck… hard.
The tyrant had left me a gift.
No, it wasn’t chocolates…
It was two pink lines on a stick.
I was pregnant and I had two options:
Tell the grouchy off-limits boss and risk rejection,
Or run…

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