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Blind Date (Dating #3) by Stephanie Brother – Free eBooks Download


When Kayla took a break from work to watch a celebrity dating show, she didn’t expect to get picked out as the winner.
The head chef at the Ugly Duckling bar was used to seeing other people find their happy-ever-after, but it never seemed to happen for her.
When she met four gorgeous NFL players, and her long-term single days were over – in a whirlwind of love and first sight!
Once might be good luck, but four times was just crazy!
Cocky and arrogant Tyler Reed had bags of self-confidence and a dirty mouth to match his mind.
Quarterback, Ethan Paulson, was such a wholesome guy any woman would be lucky to have him.
Jake and Lewis, the Rollins twins, both had their reasons for believing they’d never find true love.
The guys knew that Kayla had more than enough to offer the right men as soon as they saw her. But falling hard and fast was the easy part. Finding themselves wrapped up in an unconventional relationship was where things started to fall apart.

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