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Everyone’s hounding her to find the perfect man—but date after date, she just seems to be flirting with disaster . . .

Jenny is just fine with being single and spending evenings with her cat, Bing Clawsby—even if he does have a habit of leaving dead mice, and other unpleasant things, in the most unexpected places. Besides, she has a friend with benefits to turn to when she needs company.
But her engaged best friend is nagging her to go on blind dates and get onto the dating apps. Not to mention her mother, who is desperate for Jenny to settle down. So she gives in to the pressure—and endures a string of disastrous and awkward encounters that make picking up after Bing seem fun in comparison.
Forget the guy who carries live rodents in his pocket. Forget the guy who showed up naked on FaceTime. The only man who really gets her heart racing is her workmate Zack . . . but she’s convinced he’s out of her league. Will Jenny ever find non-feline companionship—or is she destined to stay single for good?

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