Bless My Heart by D.C. Kile (ePUB)

bless my heart, dc kile

Bless My Heart (Rage Road #2) by D.C. Kile – Free eBooks Download


Hazel Greenwood has been in a funk ever since her long-term boyfriend decided he didn’t want to be with her anymore. In fact, she has spent so many nights tucked away in her apartment that her best friends insist on taking her out.
Hazel ends up locking eyes with a green-eyed stranger across the bar, and she decides to do something she’s never done before: have a one-night stand.
What could go wrong? She gets to have an amazing night with the hottest guy she’s ever seen and then go back to her perfectly normal life. No strings attached.
The plan is executed successfully until the green-eyed stranger walks into Dr. Hazel Greenwood’s lecture hall at Brunswick University.
It turns out that Wes Mitchell, the man who gave her the best night of her life, is a student in her Microeconomics class this semester.
To add a cherry on top, Hazel finds out she and Wes may have created a little bit more than just a good time during their one night together.

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