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Blast From the Past (Stranger Shoot #4) by Ember Davis – Free eBooks Download


When you’re starting your life over again, you go back to what you know. For me, that’s Denver. I thought I’d left this city behind, convinced I was on to bigger and better things. One second, one wrong step, and everything came crashing down. People pretend to rally around me, but it’s all fake as hell.
That’s why I signed up to do the stranger session. I needed to shake things up, do something new and maybe meet a pretty face at the same time.
I wasn’t expecting to turn around and see someone I recognized. We might have gone to high school together, but we’re still strangers. Then and now. How do I show a girl who knew my reputation back then I’m a different person now?

I’m finally free of what I used to be. It’s a great feeling. I’m exactly who I want to be, who I knew I always was, but I had to fight hard to leave the nerdy bookworm behind. I’m finally the butterfly and I want to show it to the world. That’s why getting a free photography session was right up my alley; the fact that it would be with a stranger didn’t faze me at all.
I wish I’d turned around and saw a stranger. I might not know him, but I remember him. He was that guy in school. You know the one.
He says he’s changed. He says a lot of things. Does he really think I’m his? Can you fall in love with someone so easily? It feels real. The best way to test it, I guess, is to go back to where it all began.

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