Blame It On the Vodka by Kate Tilney (ePUB)

blame it, kate tilney

Blame It On the Vodka (On The Rocks) by Kate Tilney – Free eBooks Download


A curvy bartender and a firefighting mountain man fake an engagement, but develop feelings that are very real, after a night at On the Rocks that they can only blame on the vodka.

I’ve spent the past decade fighting fires with the elite Firth Mountain Smokejumper crew. They’re about to name a new crew chief, and I’m a sure shoe-in for the job. My buddies and I stumble into On the Rocks to celebrate my imminent promotion with a round of drinks.
I meet the curvy bartender and my life changes.
After a moment of gallantry, word gets out that Briony and I aren’t strangers, but engaged. Before I can correct the rumor, my boss tells me the board picking his replacement like a family man, and having a fiancée could help me secure the promotion. Briony agrees to be my fake bride on one condition: we can’t fall in love.
It turns out that’s easier said than done.
I could blame it on the vodka, but I’ll put everything on the line to make Briony see we’re meant to be for real.

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