Black Heart & Red Redemption by René Van Dalen (ePUB)

black heart, rene van dalen

Black Heart and Red Redemption (Iron Dogz MC #3) by René Van Dalen – Free eBooks Download


Running home to lick her wounds had seemed like a good idea at first. She needed to heal after major surgery and grieve the loss of her best friend and her career.
And coming home to Cape Town would distance her from her old life.
She didn’t expect boredom to set in so soon or to lead her straight into trouble.
Or that her troubles would throw her upon the mercy of the Iron Dogz MC and the one man she had to avoid at all costs.
Years later she could still hear his threats, and they still terrified her.
She had to stay hidden, but the fates, those old bags, had a different idea.

As his club’s enforcer he crossed the line into darkness all the time. He welcomed the darkness into his cold black heart so as not to feel the emptiness of a loss suffered long ago. A loss he was responsible for.
His little girls are the only bright spots in a dark life. He would do anything for them. Fighting his slutty ex for sole custody after discovering they were being abused has him treading very close to the line. A line he dare not cross. Not right now anyway. His focus is on his children and club business takes a back seat for a while.
Until the day he’s back at the table and he hears her name.
The girl he never forgot. The girl he drove away.
She was back and no longer a girl.
She needed club protection. She needed him.
He was never going to let her go.

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