Bittersweet Agony by Melody Adams (ePUB)

bittersweet agony, melody adams

Bittersweet Agony (Sinners High #3) by Melody Adams – Free eBooks Download


They are rich, privileged, vicious, unscrupulous and they are the undisputed rulers of Sinners High – They are the KINGS.
K for Kent
I for Ian
N for Nate
G for Gregory
S for Seth

Everyone thinks I am the more approachable, calmer one of the KINGS. Nobody knows what lies under the surface. The dark side I hide from everyone. The addiction to pain and adrenaline.
The girls I use bore me. They are just an image for me. But then I meet Nikita at an illegal car race. She is an adrenaline junkie like me. Together we explore the dark sides of life. Pain. Thrill. But how often can you play with death until you lose?
Ian is the first guy who seems to understand me. Who is not deterred by my dark side. On the contrary. He shares my darkness. For a while we seem to be immortal. Until that fateful night.

Trigger warning
This book is a Dark High School Romance and covers dark topics like rape, abuse, dangerous behavior and explicit scenes.

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