Bitter-Sweet Harvest by Andie Patrick (ePUB)

bitter sweet harvest, andie patrick

Bitter-Sweet Harvest (Tuscan #1) by Andie Patrick – Free eBooks Download


They were not supposed to fall in love. It was tempting fate.

Ambitious photo-journalist, April Lennox, is excited to be in Tuscany on her first major assignment for “Wine and Travel” magazine. This is her chance to make a name for herself.
She is photographing workers harvesting grapes when she trips and falls into the arms of Rico Falcone. There is an instant spark of attraction between them. April is wary of any relationship which might affect her career, but desire overcomes her caution. They embark on what is intended to be a brief affair, which must end on her return to London. As their encounters become increasingly passionate, love is inevitable. But Rico is living a lie, and April is devastated when she finds out.

Rico believes that April is beyond his reach. Driven by a strong sense of duty he becomes engaged to a bride chosen for him by his family. After a chance meeting with April, he knows that his engagement was a tragic mistake; but he is honour bound not to break it.
Is their love strong enough to overcome the gulf between them?

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