Bitter Rivals by M.J. Marstens (ePUB)

bitter rivals, loxley savage

Bitter Rivals (Bitterwood Elite #2) by M.J. Marstens, Loxley Savage – Free eBooks Download


Bitterwood Prep isn’t a place where the weak survive—it’s the tomb where they go to die.

Of all the obstacles I expected to overcome this year, fighting for my life wasn’t one of them. Nor did I intend to sell my body and soul to my three tormentors—Cashel, Bentley, and Professor Vaughn. But Principal Windsor, the sick fuck who’s running this farce of a school, has turned what was once the most prestigious prep college into something much darker and sinister.
Bitterwood Prep.
Students are forced to endure one sick game after another with one singular goal—to strip us of our very humanity for a profit. Here, kindness and compassion will get you killed. Bloodlust, violence, and seduction are rewarded. That’s the price of survival. The question is…why am I so eager to pay it?
The answer—because I get off from the pain.
From Professor Vaughn’s savage dominion.
From Cashel’s cruel possessiveness.
From Bentley’s ruthless control.
I can’t get enough of it. Their lust is toxic oxygen giving me breath, so I crawl to them, desperate for more. My cravings are twisted, but so is this place.
And I’ll get my dark fix here at Bitterwood Prep.

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