Bite of Desire by Kay Riley (ePUB)

bite of desire, kay riley

Bite of Desire (Shadows of War #2) by Kay Riley – Free eBooks Download


My entire life is gone.
My city. My group. To them, I’m now the enemy, just like the vampires.
I don’t belong here, but Zan is determined to keep me at his side. For what, I’m not sure. His actions make me believe that maybe he really does feel something for me. Until his father, Amaros Kane, shows up. And I realize that I’m surrounded by secrets and lies.
The vampires are planning something that humans have no idea about. Everyone believes that the war ended years ago, but I’m slowly learning the truth is so tangled that everything isn’t what it seems. Amaros Kane has an interest in me, and when I learn why, running isn’t even an option.
Zan is different than all the other vampires. I want to trust him. But he’s a Kane. The son of a monster. I can’t let him in, no matter what he says or does.
There’s another war brewing between vampires and humans.
And I’m trapped right in the middle of all of it.

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