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bishop, parker daniels

Bishop (The Devil’s Riders #3) by Parker Daniels – Free eBooks Download


I regretted my choice to volunteer at Cantiville Prison the moment I pulled into those large, foreboding gates. But I couldn’t back out now. Not after promising my friend Bobby that I’d teach her cooking classes after she’d unexpectedly broken her hip. To my surprise and secret shame, I developed an intense crush on one of the prisoners. And not the innocent kind, either. I’m talking full-on, panty-melting, want to climb in his lap and call him “daddy”, kind of crushing. His Adonis good looks and blinding charisma hooked me straight from the word go. But I’ve known bad boys before. My dad was one of them and had spent the better part of his life in prison. That’s why I made the promise years ago to never fall victim to their seductive, outlaw ways. And, despite what every part of my body was screaming for me to do to this gorgeous man, I managed to fulfill my obligations to Bobby and leave Cantiville with my heart, and hymen, still intact.

But when I accept a catering job from my friend Angel, fate tosses me back into the path of my greatest personal temptation. Bishop “Matty” Wilmont, one of the youngest members of the Devil’s Riders MC. The very same prisoner I met at Cantiville and couldn’t stop dreaming about. The man is sex on a stick and twice as lickable. Despite every woman drooling over the gorgeous biker, Matty says he wants me to be his Old Lady! And whenever I’m in danger, despite all my preconceived notions about his Club, it’s my biker bodyguard who steps up and makes sure I’m safe. While my head tells me I should leave, my heart shouts “Stay”. And when the Club mole that has been plaguing the Devil’s Riders for over a year is finally revealed,I must make the ultimate decision. Stay, and potentially end up like my mother. Or go, and forever lose the love of my life.

This is book three in the Devil’s Riders series and can be enjoyed independently.

Publisher’s Note: This MC romance is intended for adults. It contains elements of romance, mystery, suspense, danger, power exchange, sensual scenes, and a happily ever after. If any of these offend you, please do not read.

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