Binding Moon by Emma Hamm (ePUB)

binding moon, emma hamm

Binding Moon (Once Upon a Monster #2) by Emma Hamm – Free eBooks Download


Steal the diamond. Avoid the beast. Make a fortune.

Luna Winchester knows how to find precious gemstones and metal. The magic passed down from her witch of a mother allows her to hear them sing wherever they are. No matter how hard it is to find them. Naturally, she’s the best thief in the city. So when a gang pins her to a wall and tells her to steal the Diamond of Crestfall or die, she’s going to steal the diamond.
There’s just one problem. The Beast of Dead Man’s Crossing.
Rumor has it, the nobleman who protects the diamond is the worst sort. Not a real beast, of course, but a man who had never failed to hang a thief. Which means Luna has to be more careful, more tricky, than ever before. The challenge is a welcome one. She’d always loved a man who underestimated her.
Except it isn’t that easy. The diamond calls to her, yes, but the beast is tricky. He captures her on the very first night and offers her a counter deal. Work for him, hang the gang members, and he’ll let her live. Luna wants to live, so she lies through her teeth. But the nights are long in Dead Man’s Crossing, and a real beast does prowl the nobleman’s house. A beast with fur, claws, fangs, and familiar eyes. Eyes she’s starting to fall in love with.

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