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The first time I watched someone die, I was thirteen years old. The second time, I was eighteen… The third time, I was twenty-six, and the feeling of blood on my hands brought me nothing but peace. My life isn’t pretty or perfect – it’s cold, broken and the only thing I seek is revenge. It wasn’t always this way. I was born into a life that little girls dream of. A life with a beautiful home, a father that gave piggy back rides, and a mother that would dance and sing with me. No, I wasn’t born into this hell like many are. I was adopted by it the night that life ended. From that moment on, I was ruined. I knew I would never feel that lightness again, because now darkness is the only way I breathe.

Carter Linwood was a stepping stone on the way to ultimate satisfaction, but I got distracted along the way. I was distracted by the intelligence and heart stopping good looks, but what sealed my fate was the way he took control of me and marked me in a way no other man ever had. Men like Carter don’t just dabble in kink. They live it and bleed it, and drag you down that dark, depraved path with them. Luckily enough for me, I didn’t have any further to fall.

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