Billionaire’s Secret Club by Amelie Winlove (ePUB)

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Billionaire’s Secret Club (Billionaire’s Club) by Amelie Winlove – Free eBooks Download


Nice guys finish last…. Even if you’re a billionaire.

I took one look at all of these ladies and instantly thought there wasn’t going to be any chance. Even if I was filled to the brim with money.
After all, it was always the same old story: girl eyes you, what you wear, what you drive, and how big your wallet is, thinking you’re a prime target for love, and then it ends…. Ends faster than it began.
That’s the “club” I live in. But I call it a curse.
Then I met her. Lena. And call me crazy…. But she wasn’t like the other ones.
Don’t get me wrong, she was radiant. Wise. Intoxicating. Funny. Sweet. And, above all else…. Honest.
Everything I always wanted but never thought I could have given the stigma.
Still…. How much could I trust money not getting in the way? How much could I trust family not getting in the way? Did I really want to take a chance with this? Was it worth it?
As I stared into her eyes, gently kissing her to realize she wasn’t going anywhere, I guessed to myself that there was no going back. I could only just hope and dream….
That she was willing to come with me on this journey.

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