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billionaire bad boys, mya grey

Billionaire Bad Boys Box Set by Mya Grey – Free eBooks Download


A binge-worthy Box Set full of delicious Cocky Alphas bosses who will settle for nothing less than the girl they want… though they might meet with some challenges, twists, and many turns… These Billionaire Bad Boys will have to up their game BIG TIME if they want to seduce their feisty leading ladies. You’ll get emotional over this broiling-over-desire, enemies-to-lovers box set (11 books in 1), featuring TWO billionaire bad boys, hot charming alpha bosses, famous heartbreakers, and TWO Happily- Ever-Afters.e

1. The Billionaire’s Secret Series, A Single Mom Crime Romance Series

That redhead in the parking lot. What the hell was that? What the fuck was I thinking?
I wasn’t.
Something about her just drew me to her. Those eyes…those lips. That soft, sweet body pressed against mine. I could have plucked that ripe fruit if I’d wanted to.
I had wanted to.
So why didn’t I?

The Billionaire’s Secret is the sexiest Enemies-to-Lovers, A Second Chance Love Triangle Romance Series that will melt your heart and a sure page-turner.

2. A Billionaire Lawyer Series

All I’ve ever wanted is to meet the man of my dreams and to live happily ever after, but my dating life has only ever ended in heartbreak and humiliation.
Tonight was no different. I’d been stood up by my online date.
As I drank more and more, I was ready to give up on the whole thing, give up on men, when a case of mistaken identity sparked a steamy one-night stand with a stranger.
Except, when I walk into my new job the following Monday morning, it seems he won’t stay a stranger.
He’s my billionaire boss.

The last thing I expected on a night of unexpected fun was to be at the end of another guy’s punishment: a drink thrown in my face, then my shoes were puked on.
Though I’m no knight in shining armour, I couldn’t just leave her there alone in that state.
I took her home to keep her safe.
Though it might’ve been against my better judgement, we spent the night together in more ways than one.
But it seems we’ll be spending a lot more time together in the future.
She’s my new secretary.

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