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Biker Daddy (Yes, Daddy #37) by Lena Little – Free eBooks Download


Danger is following me, and the last person I expect to help is my personal stalker.
When my father skips town after digging himself into debt with two rival motorcycle clubs, I’m left holding the bag. The Blue Bruisers MC want their money off my hide. The Devil’s Eye MC wants me as bait. The only person trying to keep me safe routinely breaks into my apartment and even tucks me in one night.
I just want to be taken care of. I’m tired of cleaning up my father’s messes.
A psycho biker may just be the daddy I need to save me from this chaos.

Nina belongs to me, and I’m never going to let her turd of a sperm donor put her in danger ever again.
Watching out for someone who doesn’t know I’m looking out for them is a thin line between help and obsession.
Nina’s my newest addiction and I can’t get enough. She’s young and inexperienced, and she needs someone like me to navigate this mess her father left her in.
My allies and enemies know one thing about me: I’m unhinged and will stop at nothing to protect what’s mine.
When it comes to my baby girl, they’re not wrong.

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