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Big Demon Energy (Bedeviled AF #1) by Deborah Wilde – Free eBooks Download


Enjoy this urban fantasy by best-selling author Deborah Wilde. Featuring a smart, snarky heroine and a slow burn, second chance, vampire romance, this paranormal adventure will keep you reading way past bedtime.

She’s just a demon, standing in front of a vampire, trying not to punch him.
Aviva Fleischer has a secret life.
To all appearances she’s a paragon of the magic community. She’s from a respected family and has become a top supernatural operative policing crimes committed by magic humans. In fact, Aviva is about to be promoted to head up her own unit, all by the age of thirty. Exactly as planned.
But should anyone ever learn that she’s a half-demon—an infernal—her entire life will go scorched earth. In her world, vampires are celebrated like rock stars, but demons, their kissing cousins, are reviled and hunted. Talk about a double standard.
Then a rash of bizarre murders break out and the Powers That Be opt to make her co-leader of a special new squad. One that mixes humans with their vampire counterparts—investigators who hunt down rogue vamps and demons.
Co-leader? Seriously? That major wrench in her leadership plans is bad enough, but even worse? She’s being partnered with Ezra Cardoso, jet set vamp and playboy extraordinaire. Aviva should know—he broke her heart six years ago.
Ezra is also the only one other than her mom who she’s trusted with her secret. Will he betray her to get ahead? Try it: she’s got a wooden stake with his name on it.

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